The Blaze

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The Blaze


The Blaze, the second installment by Bomar Putting Co. named after it’s Co-Founder: Billy “Blaze” Bomar. This model is nearly identical to its predecessor, the BB10, with the exception of two additional weights on either side of the barrel which are individually screwed and epoxied into place. These additional weights serve as a secondary alignment aid and the additional mass is ideal for faster greens.

The satin finish over the 303 stainless steel is applied by air blasting ultra-fine silicate sand over each putter with incredible attention to detail. This minimalist aesthetic and unwavering commitment to American sourced materials and craftsmanship was one of the keystones in the development of The Blaze. We have successfully brought a final product that is a balance of the latest CNC milling techniques with a respectful nod to the past by manually hand milling each face imparting a unique fingerprint like quality to each Bomar putter.

Size Guide: While every individual will vary in what posture feels most comfortable/natural to them (more upright at address or a lower more bent over posture) Please see the following general guidelines: 

  • 40″ Putter Length generally fits the following heights: 5′ – 5’7″  
  • 44.5″ Putter Length generally fits the following heights  – 5’8″ – 6’2″ in height 
  • 48″ Putter Length generally fits the following heights – 6’3″ +  

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Additional information

Weight 1.36078 kg
Dimensions 50 × 5 × 5 cm

425 grams


40, 44.5 & 48 inches




0° / Neutral


10° radius


face balanced


303 Stainless Steel


Full Shaft

2 reviews for The Blaze


    The Blaze Putter is the best Side Saddle Putter on the market. It is extremely well made and has a fantastic feel. I really like the additional weight on the putter as they serve as a nice alignment aid as well. Although the lie angle on the putter is flatter than some other side saddle putters, you can still hold this putter very upright with no problems at all. This putter has truly transformed my putting!!

  2. Quinn

    I have had the immense pleasure of having used both BPCO models. I used the BB10 for over a year and a half and absolutely loved every putt with it. I thought that there was no way they could make it better, it was already amazing. But when BPCO came out with the Blaze model, I knew I had to have it. In my opinion, the Blaze model is better for people who play faster, more undulating greens (links style courses, championship set-ups, etc.) The two additional weights that were added help with keeping the ball rolling end over end and (though possibly not its intention) help with off-center strikes by keeping mass behind the ball. Alignment wise, the two weights help but I have found that the tiny dot on top has still lined me up true to the line. The added mass doesn’t take away from feel or the ability to pull the club back. If you’re thinking about purchasing, do it. These folks are humble, happy to help, and have always put their customers first. And every purchase comes with an awesome headcover and BPCO ball markers! Amazing people, amazing company. Thank you Bomars!!

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