Russell - The results speak for themselves. I had not won an amateur golf tournament since 2013. I put a Bomar in the bag and won three consecutive tournaments; Oregon Senior Amateur Championship, the Voker Cup and the Senior Club Championship. If you want to play better golf, make more putts and have more fun then put a Bomar putter in your bag!!
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Can You Roll a Ball?
An Athletic Approach to Putting by Facing Your Target
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Side-Saddle Putters

Both of our models are hand crafted and come with a Standard Size Black Grip by Pure Grips

Side-Saddle Head Covers

Custom made by Barudan Golf specifically for BPCO putters


All apparel is hand-made for each individual's sizing specifications and stylish needs.

How To Putt Side-Saddle

It’s as simple as rolling a ball!


Start off by facing the target with your feet and shoulders square to the hole as if you were going to shoot a free-throw or bowl a ball. Make sure you have enough room between your body and the ball so you’re able to take the putter away without any interference.

Ball Placement

Ball placement is slightly in front of your feet with your dominant hand halfway down the shaft with your palm open to the target. The other hand should be on top of the grip with your knuckles or back of your hand facing the hole and weight in the balls of your feet.


Use the barrel as your alignment aid and keep the putter face and dominant hand square to the target, maintain your posture throughout the entire stroke and extend your hand towards the hole.

About Bomar Putting Company

In September of 2019, Billy and Brittany Bomar decided to take their successful and unique putting style and turn it into a business by combining their extensive knowledge of the side-saddle stroke, the belief of facing the target with binocular vision,  alongside a redesign of their original putter into a custom made high quality product produced in the Inland Northwest. The Bomars have been able to grow the game of golf by making putting more efficient by using a natural athletic motion for optimal results. From the very first strike of the ball on the putting green you will know you are truly rolling the ball the way you were meant to be.
All side-saddle putters are assembled by fusion welding which gives a unique sonic quality when the ball is struck making for a soft feel on impact. There are few distractions while lining up the putters, a single black dot on the top center of the face allows the player to focus the mass of the single barrel body directly behind the center of the ball. The satin finish over the 303 stainless steel is applied by air blasting ultra-fine silicate sand over each putter with incredible attention to detail.
This minimalist aesthetic and unwavering commitment to American sourced materials and craftsmanship was one of the keystones in the development of all Bomar Putters. We have successfully brought a final product that is a balance of the latest CNC milling techniques with a respectful nod to the past by manually hand milling each face imparting a unique fingerprint like quality to each Bomar putter

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