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The BB10


The BB10 is assembled by fusion welding which gives a unique sonic quality when the ball is struck making for a soft feel on impact.  A single black dot on the top center of the face allows the player to focus the mass of the single barrel body directly behind the center of the ball.

The satin finish over the 303 stainless steel is applied by air blasting ultra-fine silicate sand over each putter with incredible attention to detail. This minimalist aesthetic and unwavering commitment to American sourced materials and craftsmanship was one of the keystones in the development of BB10. We have successfully brought a final product that is a balance of the latest CNC milling techniques with a respectful nod to the past by manually hand milling each face imparting a unique fingerprint like quality to each Bomar putter.

Size Guide: While every individual will vary in what posture feels most comfortable/natural to them (more upright at address or a lower more bent over posture) Please see the following general guidelines: 

  • 40″ Putter Length generally fits the following heights: 5′ – 5’7″  
  • 44″ Putter Length generally fits the following heights  – 5’8″ – 6’2″ in height 
  • 48″ Putter Length generally fits the following heights – 6’3″ +  

Stock white Barudan Golf headcover fit for both The BB10/Blaze models feat. magnetic clasps

Custom-made MuniKids Golf headcover with Billy design made and fit for Bomar putters and any blade/mid mallet conventional putter

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Additional information

Weight 1.36078 kg
Dimensions 50 × 5 × 5 cm

395 grams


40, 44 & 48 inches




0° / Neutral


10° radius


face balanced


303 Stainless Steel


Full Shaft

8 reviews for The BB10

  1. Quinn

    An amazing putter and an amazing company! I’ve been a side saddler for close to 6 years and have tried multiple kinds of models and companies. The Bomar putters are unmatched in terms of feel and functionality. It literally is as easy as rolling a ball! The materials are absolutely incredible as well and USA made!! Bomar Putting Co. has always been extremely friendly and willing to help me with any questions I’ve had. With them being a small family business, I also feel good that I’m supporting people who are a major part of the community in both N. Idaho and in the game of golf. I cannot say enough about this company. Go buy a putter, buy some merch, and tell everyone about them! You won’t be disappointed with BPCO!!

  2. Kelly DeShaw

    Great putter! Almost 50 years playing golf (34 as a professional) and I wish I would have learned to putt this way at the start. It makes sense and is very simple. Quality product and a quality company. Make sure and watch the videos. It takes a little practice to get used to side saddle but once you do there is no turning back!

  3. Robby

    I used a Scotty Newport since I started golfing but for some reason it never seemed natural for me to putt sideways. I always thought it would make more sense facing the target while putting. A buddy of mine introduced me to Bomar and it was game over. Such a slick putter and amazing community to be a part of. It instantly helped out my perception of the correct putting line and made me feel like an athlete again. Cheers.

  4. Curt-Randall Bayer

    I have twin 14 year old female golfers who have been fitted with BB side saddle putters. They have 11 handicaps off of 5200 yards They are 1st and 3rd in Idaho in their age group. I can guarantee their success is in part due to their putters, their practice habits and their coach. Sidesaddle putting has been a game changer for my daughters (and myself). I can’t speak highly enough for the product and the customer service. Definitely, the way to go for your putting stroke.

  5. Rick Townsend

    Awesome putter. Within a week i was averaging 30 putts a round compared to 40 with very few 3 putts. I feel like anything under 10 feet is a gimme. In my opinion Side saddle putting is the fast and easiest way to take strokes off your game. The Bomars are great people and will treat you right

  6. Russell Humphrey

    This is a true story. I’m a scratch golfer that played competitive golf at all levels. However, my putting suffered over the last several years. I put a Bomar BB10 in the bag and my putting was literally transformed. I make more putts, 3 putt less, golf is more fun and I started winning golf tournaments again. With the BB10 in the bag I won the 2021 Oregon State Senior Amateur Championship at Arrowhead Golf Club. It was a match play tournament so I had to win 5 matches. All week, my putting was superior, especially under pressure (3 matches went to 18). I cannot even begin to explain how my Bomar putter has changed my golf game and golf career going forward. Putting has become my strength and I’m confident again. I recommend a Bomar putter to anyone that wants to be a great putter!!

  7. Tim Miller

    As with most recreational golfers, putting is the biggest obstacle to lower scores. I discovered Bomar side saddle putting just a few weeks ago. I started using their techniques and immediately had success. There’s not much more that I can add to what other reviewers have said. It just seems more natural to face your target! The people at Bomar putting are friendly, passionate, and willing to help you discover side saddle putting. Give it a try. Buy one of their putters and start draining more putts!

  8. Ryan Malone

    I am so psyched to get this BB10 putter. Brittany was a gem in working with me to get fitted and delivered by Christmas. I sent her a few pics and my height, and she recommended the 44″ BB10. I got it on a Tuesday night and played a round on Wednesday, so my experience with the BB10 was pretty limited even though I had tinkered with some other side saddle putters.

    Having played a lot of basketball, the idea of facing the “basket in a more athletic way felt much more natural than traditional putting. The first thing I noticed was that my lines were much better. I didn’t have to re-find the line each putt. It took me a handful of holes to get the speed down, but that will come with more practice.

    In that round, I had 20 putts on the front with the new BB10 and only 14 on the back, which was something I had never done before. Do I expect 28 putts a round now? Nope. Am I far more confident in my putting and how I control my putts? Definitely. Confident enough to record only 17 in nine holes this morning.

    It’s a great product and Brittany is super cool. I highly recommend them.

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